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Telefonica has built an end-to-end complete commercial offer that helps partners during their “journey” of designing and building a tailored IoT solution. This offer is composed of a set of technical capabilities, brought to life by a specialised team in IoT solutions, complemented with a curated portfolio of world-class partners.


IoT solution providers, connectivity distributors, modules and device manufacturers can enroll in the Telefónica IoT Partners for a best market approach together with Telefónica. Our unparalleled Global reach fits perfectly the innovative IoT Partners to accelerate our partners’ growth. Up to this day the Programme gathers more than 1,300 partners in Europe and the Americas each one allocated depending on their position in the IoT value chain.

Our Principles

  • Accelerating IoT Business. We build an ecosystem that enables interaction between partners and strengthens opportunity generation and materialization.
  • Promoting Specialization. The evolution of the IoT market depends on the specialization, and we support our Partners by complementing their solutions with our managed connectivity.

IoT Industry Players

    We consider three main pillars:
  • Device Value Added Resellers - DVAR: Companies that design and manufacture IoT devices and modules.
  • Value Added Reseller - VAR: they integrate the communications, the device and the software into a specialized solution for end customers.
  • Wholesalers: they aggregate the demand providing access to the service to small DVARs and VARs.

Partnership Categories

    We classify our partners according to their engagement level in the following categories:
  • Telefónica IoT Registered Partner: This is the entry level to the Programme, regardless of the type of IoT player and the Industry in which it operates. Registering allows a partner to acquire Telefónica IoT services through an Authorized Distributor or a Master Certified Partner. To access this category within the Programme it is not necessary to sign any contract with Telefónica.
  • Telefónica IoT Advanced Certified Partner: This category makes a perfect fit for those VARs and DVARs who wish to have a direct relationship with Telefónica without committing to large volumes of IoT connectivity.
  • Telefónica IoT Master Certified Partner: VARs and DVARs with large IoT connectivity needs join the Programme in this category.
  • Telefónica IoT Authorised Distributor: Those wholesalers who wish to access the registered Partners in the Programme are included in this category.

Rewarding Model

    Telefónica commits to ensuring identical conditions to all partners in each category without making any distinctions.
    The Programme establishes the Global Price List (GPL) as a reference of pricing in each country.
    On top of the GPL, the Programme applies the following rewarding model:
  • Contractual Discounts: according to the category signed by the Partner when joining the Programme.
  • Permanent incentives and promotions: they add to the Contractual Discounts, and the Partner must meet some requirements and register a deal in order to access them. The promotions are only temporary.
  • Customized Projects: For special projects, Telefónica offers the possibility to have tailor-made pricing.

Tools for the Partner

    Our tools speed up the relationship between the Partner and Telefónica.
    For more information, check out our tools.

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